Our Journey driving the Classics

Spring Classic Driving Tour

​Classic cars and motorcycles appeal to their enthusiasts for a wide variety of reasons; some prefer to modify, while others prefer to maintain the original, some enjoy restoring their passions to an exemplary show level while others preserve the piece as originally manufactured. Wherever your passion in the classic collector vehicle world takes you the opportunity to drive your passion is paramount.

The Spring Classic Driving Tour was spurred into existence with a request from the South West Ohio MG T-Owners for a driving tour in the Spring to get the summer of fun started.  Several other sports car enthusiasts joined us for the drive and we rolled with a fetching selection of cars that included examples from MG, Porsche, Triumph, Datsun, Bentley, Ferrari, and Corvette.

We all had a grand time visiting an Amish market an underground railroad station and an antique store before concluding with some fine dining at a riverfront winery.  The next year more cars joined the fun and the show got more spectacular with more marques and clubs getting on the road.  For the 2015 edition more than 100 cars drove on two different routes to avoid congestion, visited different attractions, and ended in the same riverfront winery for and early dinner.
Spring Classic Driving Tour IV in 2016 brought in more new clubs and participants.  It was the year of the Animal Encounter with Cows, Chickens, Dogs, and Wild Turkeys adding to the charm of driving in the country. A stop to examine Indian Artifacts added to the traditional stops at the Amish market and antique stores.
Spring Classic Driving Tour V added the charitable component and drew a pre-entry of over 250 cars and bikes driving on four different routes to support 19 different charities and raise close to $10,000 for those charities despite some cold weather.   

With this many cars participating it was time to tune this motoring adventure a bit and give it a purpose.  The question persisted on which charity should be supported with donations?  So many causes and so many different needs and experiences came into play. Car and motorcycle enthusiasts are passionate folks that contribute throughout the community, in order to allow each group to fulfill their wishes each Car/Motorcycle Club picks their particular charity to support.  Donations are accepted from the entrants by the Clubs and distributed to the charities.

Have a good time and join us for a good cause.